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Our Partners

Our strategy is to advance our late-stage pipeline through the final stages of development and to secure approval from global regulators. In tandem with the clinical data we are generating to prove that our medicines are safe and effective, a key part of work is learning about local markets – their health systems, infrastructure, patient behaviours and attitudes – and identifying the right partners we can work with to achieve our goals.

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We work with commercial partners who understand different markets and populations; we also engage with governments and health systems directly. All of these stakeholders are key to successfully commercialising our medicines and getting them to the patients who need them, wherever they live.

Working with the right partner is key for us – companies who share our belief in the potential of our medicines and recognise that, working together, we have an opportunity to improve the lives of millions of people and we can achieve it in a commercially sustainable way.

If you are interested in partnering with George Medicines, please contact us: