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Innovative, accessible treatments for the leading causes of death globally

At George Medicines, we believe single-pill, multi-mechanism combinations of existing medicines offer the potential to better manage non-communicable diseases and could have a huge positive social impact by improving lives and reducing the financial burden on patients and health systems.

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Multiple drugs are increasingly being prescribed to adequately control conditions such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. This can be complicated for patients and costly for health systems. At George Medicines we are using our drug development expertise and the latest formulation approaches to combine existing medicines into novel, single-pill therapies with the potential to bring significant improvements in clinical outcomes and adherence.

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About Us

George Medicines is a venture-backed, spin-out company from George Health, initially established to commercialise the research of The George Institute for Global Health, one of the world’s leading health research institutes. Learn more about the Institute in its latest Annual Report.

We use the research base and scientific expertise of The George Institute to pursue the late-stage development of our single-pill combination therapies. We also use the commercial expertise of George Health and the infrastructure of George Clinical, the global clinical research organisation, for the formulation and clinical development of our portfolio.



Our Approach

Our differentiated business model avoids the early, high-risk stages of drug discovery and development by formulating established drugs into innovative, single-pill, multi-mechanism combinations using proprietary technology, which reduces time-to-market and brings a higher probability of success while requiring less capital investment than is usual in the industry.



We are building a strong and diversified proprietary pipeline of innovative, single-pill combination therapies, targeting some of the leading causes of death in both developed and developing countries, including hypertension, diabetes and other common cardiometabolic disorders.



Our strategy is to advance our late-stage pipeline through the final stages of development and to secure approval from global regulators. We work alongside appropriate partners to commercialise our therapies across the developed and developing world where our medicines can reduce the burden on health systems and have the biggest positive social impact.


Latest News


Spotlight on Professor Clare Arnott, The George Institute for Global Health

In the latest instalment of our Spotlight interview series, we sat down with Professor Clare Arnott, Head of Cardiovascular Program and Co-Director Global Better Treatments at The George Institute for Global Health, George Medicines’ academic partner. In this interview, Clare discusses her role at the Institute, her clinical expertise as a specialist cardiologist and her …


Spotlight on Dr Karl Roberts, Chief Operating Officer

In the latest instalment of George Medicines’ Spotlight interview series, Chief Operating Officer, Karl Roberts, tells us what drew him to George Medicines and how the company’s pipeline, alongside its partnership approach with other healthcare companies and organisations, has the potential to change the treatment paradigm for people living with non-communicable diseases, wherever they live …


Medisanté and George Medicines bring Internet of Things (IoT) data collection to decentralised Phase III trial

Remote cellular-enabled blood pressure monitoring provides novel and secure way of collecting real world data (RWD) in decentralised global phase III pivotal study. Unique remote device monitoring (RDM) capabilities of Medisanté’s medical IoT platform (M+ Hub) enhance George Medicines’ clinical trial management system. Seamless decentralised data collection of blood pressure measurements over a secure private …


George Medicines provides single-pill triple combination candidate for hypertension to VERONICA-Nigeria trial

Novel proprietary low-dose, single-pill triple combination, GMRx2, is in late-stage development with global Phase III trials underway Single-pill triple combination outperformed standard treatments without additional adverse effects in earlier clinical research VERONICA-Nigeria trial aims for more than 80% blood pressure control while improving cost-effectiveness in treating hypertension, providing a potential valuable tool to address the …


Chairman’s Statement

“George Medicines is uniquely positioned to change the lives of the more than 2 billion people around the world suffering from non-communicable diseases with our novel single-pill therapies. By targeting underserved populations in established and emerging markets, we are making better medicines for all. And never was it more urgent, as the pandemic has highlighted weaknesses and inequalities in health systems globally”

Professor Stephen MacMahon AO, Chairman, Board of George Medicines

Part of a mission to deliver affordable and scalable treatments and technologies

George Medicines is one of George Health’s four businesses, created to commercialise medicines and technologies that leverage the George Institute’s late-stage clinical research for chronic disease.



Science, service, solutions. A leading CRO in Asia-Pacific with global capabilities


Science, service, solutions. A leading CRO in Asia-Pacific with global capabilities

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